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Atlanta Community Profiles

Join Lou Wieland each week as he profiles communities around the greater metro Atlanta area. Looking to move? Lou gives families and businesses the information they need to determine where to locate.

Del Walmsley Radio Show

Del Walmsley is back! Join us each weekday for the Del Walmsley Radio Show, as we get into the fundamentals of successful Real Estate investment. Each day Del and his experts answer your questions on how to use Real Estate to build wealth and passive realized monthly income.

Doni Jones Live

I am a wife, mom, author and entrepreneur. I have a heart to serve and my goal is to bring laughter, joy and hope to our community. I also desire to shine a light on many deserving people in our community.  Through my shows, books and my company Don’s Tree Service I want people to see that their dreams can and will come true with passion, persistence, and patience.

Legally Speaking

Tune in to receive a host of invaluable legal tips from one of Georgia’s most experienced lawyers.  For over 25 years, Richard Howe has been recognized across all of Georgia for his success in the handling of significant Personal Injury cases – including those most complex in nature. Listen each week to hear him answer all your questions on Personal Injury Law and learn your rights if you have been involved in an accident.

Real Estate 360

Real Estate 360 is a show dedicated to fast-tracking aspiring entrepreneurs to becoming real estate investors. Myles and Steve share real life stories and practices that will help you quit your day job and get started investing. Go from the show to the pro with Real Estate 360!

The Active Wealth Show

Ford will share key strategies to protect and grow your hard-earned wealth. Listen to get a tax, fee and market efficient portfolio.

The Good Works Show

Across Atlanta there are leaders and organizations making a positive impact on our community. The Good Works Show is our effort at Goodwill of North Georgia to bring you good news and good information.

The Trading Group Show

Learn how to become a short term trader and earn a full-time income working from home! If you have ever wanted to own your own business listen to our show and see if it’s something for you.

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